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feature documentary - in post production

Directed and filmed by Coco Jackie

Edited by Madlen Sieghartsleitner

Produced by Kerstin Übelacker

Filmed over three years of time, Framing Her is a road movie transporting us from Europe to Asia into the life of great female film directors of our time. Intimate, raw, and set with the passion of a young director in her own discovery, Framing Her is a big adventure into the world of filmmaking made by Women that would do anything to remain free to create the way they desire to. 
Trailer & rough cut available upon request
Produced by We Have a Plan and funded by AMC / Sundance TV, The Swedish Film Institude, Film i Skane and BM Koes (Austria). The initial filming was made possible thanks to two crowdfundings (both trailers available below).


short documentary - in development

Directed and filmed by Coco Jackie

The film follows the cross destinies of a few Londoners in search of a new place to call home.
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